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A Gram-reaction-negative, yellow-pigmented strain, designated EX36(T), was characterized using a polyphasic approach comprising phylogenetic, morphological and genotypic analyses. The endophytic strain was isolated from Zn/Cd-accumulating Salix caprea in Arnoldstein, Austria. Analysis of the 16S rRNA gene demonstrated that the novel strain is most closely(More)
Different regions of the bacterial 16S rRNA gene evolve at different evolutionary rates. The scientific outcome of short read sequencing studies therefore alters with the gene region sequenced. We wanted to gain insight in the impact of primer choice on the outcome of short read sequencing efforts. All the unknowns associated with sequencing data, i.e.(More)
The world's fourth largest food crop, potato, originates in the Andes. Here, the community composition of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) associated with potato in Andean ecosystems is described for the first time. AMF were studied in potato roots and rhizosphere soil at four different altitudes from 2,658 to 4,075 m above mean sea level (mamsl) and in(More)
In diesem Artikel diskutieren wir Möglichkeiten für die Umsetzung datenschutzfreundlicher und sicherer Lösungen für das Internet der Dinge unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Benutzbarkeit. Als entscheidendes Moment für die angestrebte Nutzerakzeptanz erweist sich dabei ihre frühzeitige Einbeziehung — bereits in der konzeptionellen Phase der Entwicklung(More)
The results of plastination of head slices are unsatisfactory when muscles, connective tissue and the brain are impregnated with one and the same resin. The epoxy- or polyester-plastination technique renders transparent either the head without the brain (e.g. E 12) or the brain without the adjacent tissues (e.g. P 40). A new technique is described which(More)
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