Stefan Otterbein

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Anhand des Beispiels zweier existierender Fahrzeugregelsysteme wird gezeigt, dass sich durch die gemeinsame Verarbeitung der fahrdynamischen Sensorsignale erweiterte Möglichkeiten im Bereich der Sensorüberwachung und der Signalschätzung ergeben. Hierzu werden Verfahren zur Überwachung redundanter Sensorsignale, zur modellbasierten Plausibilisierung der(More)
Vehicle dynamics control systems require a close monitoring of the associated sensors since an erroneous intervention of the controller due to faulty measurements may have fatal consequences. Hardware failures with an immediate impact on sensor signals are detected by build-in sensor tests in connection with a plausibility check of the electrical signals.(More)
To judge standard practice for managing arrhythmias, what an EMT should be able to do in the field, drugs of choice, the success of EMT training, and the quality of EMT performance, clinical algorithms were developed. Branching logic, forcing yes/no decisions and delineating actions for all contingencies helped formalize and systematize EMT management of(More)
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