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—Heat pump based heating systems are increasingly becoming an economic and efficient alternative for domestic gas heating systems. Concentrations of heat pump installations do consume large amounts of electricity, causing significant grid distribution and stability issues when the diversity factor is low. In this work, the three step control methodology(More)
—Methods are discussed for planning oriented smart grid control to cope with scenarios with limited predictability, supporting an increasing penetration of stochastic renewable resources. The performance of these methods is evaluated with simulations using measured wind generation and consumption data. Forecast errors are shown to affect worst case behavior(More)
The figures given in the bubbles of the energy stream show on the front-side a ground mounting photovoltaic power plant, the cable laying in an open-trench with a medium voltage system, a wind generator with a nominal power value of 2.3 MW (own pictures) and a sodium sulfur battery, installed in New York (usage with the kind approval of MTA, New York, © NY(More)
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