Stefan Nadschläger

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In this paper we present several content-based recommendation methods for a QA system that rely and use extensively the structure of a domain-specific taxonomy. Our goal is to add semantics to a typical content-based RS in order to improve the quality of the recommendations by mapping relevant keywords from the existing taxonomy to the available questions.(More)
Many architecture and design patterns exist for enterprise software development. Nowadays interest of knowledge processing systems has been heightened, as these technologies can provide a valuable benefit for a company (e.g., supporting decision making). Nevertheless, the algorithms and technologies used in this domain can be complex and difficult to(More)
In this paper we present a software architecture for a Knowledge Management and Processing Framework initially for usage in the agricultural domain, but customizable for any domain. In contrast to existing Knowledge Management and Processing Systems, this proposed architecture mainly focuses on the usage of a cloud platform as execution environment and(More)
In this paper we present an architecture for integrating IT-Service-Management-data and a method for relationship identification using a domain-specific taxonomy. This knowledge can be used for semantic data integration by automatically accessing different data sources and identifying dependencies between various IT-Service-items. This can be done by using(More)
Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, we have more and more modern infrastructures as well as automatic processes supporting the agricultural domain. Data collected from parcels by these systems and remote sensors for further analysis result in facing the three main challenges which are known as big volume, big variety, and big velocity, in the era of(More)
In this paper, we principally devote our effort to proposing a novel MapReduce-based approach for efficient similarity search in big data. Specifically, we address the drawbacks of using inverted index in similarity search with MapReduce and then propose a simple yet efficient redundancy-free MapReduce scheme, which not only takes advantages over the(More)
We try to make a first step towards merging sources in the agricultural domain with experts and methods from the IT sector. The result should help people in this domain to profit from a better and more productive way of using existing experiences by sharing and making them easier accessible. After a short definition of several knowledge-related terms we(More)
Knowledge processing systems recently regained attention in the context of big "knowledge" processing and cloud platforms. Therefore, the development of such systems with a high software quality has to be ensured. In this paper an approach to contribute to an architectural guideline for developing such systems using the concept of design(More)