Stefan Muller

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Visual biofeedback with information about the patients' degree of activity is a valuable adjunct to robot-assisted gait training as means of increasing the motivation and participation of the patients during highly repetitive training sessions. In the driven gait orthosis (DGO) Lokomat, an estimation of the patient's activity level was based on man-machine(More)
A class of stored energy densities that includes functions of the form W (F) = a j F j p + g (F ; adj F) + h (det F) with a > 0, g and h convex and smooth, and 2 < p < 3 is considered. The main result shows that for each such W in this class there is a k > 0 such that, if a 3 b y 3 matrix F 0 satises h 0 (det F 0)jF 0 j 3p k, then W is W 1;p-quasiconvex at(More)
There is currently no standardized approach for parsing output that the numerous bioinformatical tools generate. Because the framework approach of the Bio-toolkits has some shortcomings, we searched for alternative approaches. To this end, we evaluated scanner generators for various programming languages with respect to their potential of standalone, small(More)
Chemical reaction networks with generalized mass-action kinetics lead to power-law dynamical systems. As a simple example, we consider the Lotka reactions with two chemical species and arbitrary power-law kinetics. We study existence, uniqueness, and stability of the positive equilibrium, in particular, we characterize its global asymptotic stability in(More)
A fundamental result in metabolic pathway analysis states that every element of the flux cone can be written as a sum of elementary modes. The result is an immediate consequence of a theorem by Rockafellar which states that every element of a linear subspace can be written as a conformal sum (a sum without cancelations) of elementary vectors(More)