Stefan Muller

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The inducible transcriptional complex AP-1, composed of c-Fos and c-Jun proteins, is crucial for cell adaptation to many environmental changes. While its mechanisms of activation have been extensively studied, how its activity is restrained is poorly understood. We report here that lysine 265 of c-Fos is conjugated by the peptidic posttranslational(More)
In contrast to protein antigens, processing of glycoproteins by dendritic cells (DCs) for presentation to T cells has not been well studied. We developed mouse T cell hybridomas to study processing and presentation of the tumor antigen MUC1 as a model glycoprotein. MUC1 is expressed on the surface as well as secreted by human adenocarcinomas. Circulating(More)
Cellular signaling pathways largely depend on the plasticity of multiprotein complexes. A central mechanism that assures the coordinated assembly and disassembly of protein complexes is the reversible post-translational modification of the individual components for example by phosphorylation, acetylation, or ubiquitylation. Accumulating evidence indicates(More)
— An adaptive mirror control strategy for tuning an optical resonator is described. The control approach is model-free and uses a small-amplitude perturbation signal to enable real-time estimation of the cost function gradient. The strategy has similarities with the approaches of 'stochastic approxima-tion' and 'extremum seeking control', which are(More)
We demonstrate that a practical concurrent language can be extended in a natural way with information security mechanisms that provably enforce strong information security guarantees. We extend the X10 concurrent programming language with coarse-grained information-flow control. Central to X10 concurrency abstractions is the notion of a place: a container(More)
There is currently no standardized approach for parsing output that the numerous bioinformatical tools generate. Because the framework approach of the Bio-toolkits has some shortcomings, we searched for alternative approaches. To this end, we evaluated scanner generators for various programming languages with respect to their potential of standalone, small(More)
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