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Although health information is readily available on the Internet and has changed the way people deal with their health in many ways, the retrieval of relevant information remains problematic, especially for elderly people. With a focus on elderly people, this paper summarizes current trends in consumer health informatics, discusses past and present(More)
A sequential combination of Ru-catalyzed enyne cross-metathesis (EYCM) and intramolecular Diels-Alder reaction (IMDA) is described. Different terminal alkynes and alpha,omega-dienes obtained by a Baylis-Hillman reaction were transformed into substituted cis-hexahydro-1H-indenes and cis-hexahydro-2H-naphthalin-1-ones.
The syntheses and reactivity of seven different ruthenium-based metathesis catalysts are described. Ru(CF3COO)2(PCy3)(=CH-2-(2-PrO)C6H4) (1), Ru(CF3COO)2(1,3-dimesityldihydroimidazolin-2-ylidene)(=CH-2-(2-PrO)C6H4) (2), and Ru(CF3COO)2(PCy(3))(1,3-dimesityldihydroimidazolin-2-ylidene)(=CHC6H5) (3) were prepared via chlorine exchange by reacting(More)
The elderly is characterized by age related capabilities and handicaps. Whereas age related capabilities like plasticity and adaptability on changing living conditions can lead to subjective well-being and support the recovery of limiting conditions like disease and disability, age related handicaps can enforce these conditions. Multimorbidity can lead to(More)
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