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For building integration of solar-powered energy systems, aesthetic aspects play an important role. Covering a standard solar collector with a coloured glazing, opaque to the human eye but highly transparent to solar energy, permits a perfect architectural integration of solar thermal panels into glazed building façades. The thermal energy produced can be(More)
New hybrid bulk-surface acoustic wave resonators using scandium doped aluminium nitride thin films were simulated, using material constants from piezoelectric measurement techniques for thin films. Afterwards they were fabricated and an electromechanical coupling of 4.3% was achieved.
Aluminium scandium nitride (ASN) exhibits a largely enhanced piezoelectric response as compared to aluminium nitride (AlN), which makes it an upcoming piezoelectric material for next generation RF filters, sensors, actuators and energy harvesting devices. In this work, process-microstructure-property relationships of such ASN films containing up to 40 at%(More)
Aluminium scandium nitride (Al<inf>1&#x2212;x</inf>Sc<inf>x</inf>N) with its strongly enhanced piezoelectric response is the upcoming piezoelectric material of choice in next generation RF filters, sensors, actuators and energy harvesting devices. This paper will concentrate on the deposition technology for Al<inf>1&#x2212;x</inf>Sc<inf>x</inf>N films with(More)
In this work, the potential of magnetron sputtered magnesium uoride (MgF2) and MgF2 containing composite coatings for coloured solar collector glazing is investigated. Coloured thinlm interference coatings on the reverse side of the collector cover glass give solar collectors an aesthetic appearance, which facilitates their integration into the building’s(More)
It is more difficult to nucleate AlN-ScN alloy thin films (AlScN) in pure (0001)-texture than it is with pure AlN thin films. AlN thus can serve as seed layer for AlScN. Equipment limitations may lead to the problem of a vacuum break between AlN and AlScN deposition, as it leads to oxidation of the AlN surface. This issue was studied with high resolution(More)
Partial substitution of Al by Sc in AlN wurtzite films leads to a strong enhancement of the piezoelectric properties as long as the wurtzite phase is maintained. This is very promising for improving piezoelectric MEMS devices and enlarging their application range. Nucleation of (0001)-AlScN works particularly well on Pt (111) thin films. However, in some(More)
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