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This report contains a detailed summary of the data used, the modeling techniques employed, and the results obtained in the production of the World Magnetic Model (WMM) 2005. This model, valid until 2010.0, is designed for use in air and sea navigation systems. The WMM is a model of the Earth's main magnetic field, that portion of the field generated in the(More)
The CHAMP magnetic field mission is providing highly reliable measurements from which the global lithospheric magnetic field can be determined in unprecedented resolution and accuracy. Using almost 5 yr of data, we derive our fourth generation lithospheric field model termed MF4, which is expanded to spherical harmonic degree and order 90. After subtracting(More)
[1] Six years of low-orbit CHAMP satellite magnetic measurements have provided an exceptionally high-quality data resource for lithospheric magnetic field modeling and interpretation. Here we describe the fifth-generation satellite-only magnetic field model MF5. The model extends to spherical harmonic degree 100. As a result of careful data selection,(More)
[1] Marine and airborne magnetic anomaly data have been collected for more than half a century, providing global coverage of the Earth. Furthermore, the German CHAMP satellite is providing increasingly accurate information on large-scale magnetic anomalies. The World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map project is an international effort to integrate all available(More)
Swarm, a satellite constellation to measure Earth's magnetic field with unpreceded accuracy, has been selected by ESA for launch in 2009. The mission will provide the best ever survey of the geomagnetic field and its temporal evolution, in order to gain new insights into the Earth system by improving our understanding of the Earth's interior and climate. An(More)
A primary objective of the Swarm constellation mission is to resolve the lithospheric magnetic field with the best achievable accuracy in order to bridge the spectral gap between satellite and airborne/marine magnetic surveys. In a series of end-to-end simulations, the possibilities of high degree field recovery were investigated. The proposed constellation(More)
Accurate models of the magnetospheric field during magnetically quiet times are essential for high-resolution mapping of core field dynamics, mantle and ocean induction, crustal fields and ionospheric currents. Satellite data sampled at low-Earth orbit allow for a separate determination of the external contributions from currents in the magnetosphere. We(More)