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Future envisions universal and uninterrupted access to information owing to the widespread use of heterogeneous wireless technologies. The integration of heterogeneous wireless technologies and existence of multi-mode terminals enable users get associated to the best available networks according to user preferences over different application specific(More)
A single dose of polyphenols comprised in a beverage based on fruit juices did not significantly increase the content of total phenolics neither in plasma nor in serum. How-ever, the ingestion of 500 mL beverage significantly enhanced the antioxidant capacity in plasma (FRAP) as well as in serum (FRAP, TRAP), reaching the peak after different times (30-60(More)
Today’s IP-based TV services commonly strive for personalizing their content offers using complex recommendation systems to match their users’ interests. These systems try to capture the relevance of content recommended to a user, which may also depend on many contextual factors such as time, location, or social company. Nevertheless, in most cases, these(More)
The MIXMOF concept has been applied to the metal-organic framework compound MIL-53(Al). The random incorporation of two different linker molecules (benzene-1,4-dicarboxylate and 2-aminobenzene-1,4-dicarboxylate) in the framework structure and its influence on thermal stability were proven using several complementary techniques (XRD, ATR-IR, MAS-NMR and TG).
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