Stefan Marti

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"The World as your Palette" is our ongoing effort to design and develop tools to allow artists to create visual art projects with elements (specifically, the color, texture, and moving patterns) extracted directly from their personal objects and their immediate environment. Our tool called "I/O Brush" looks like a regular physical paintbrush, but contains a(More)
We present a system in which a cell phone decides whether to ring by accepting votes from the others in a conversation with the called party. When a call comes in, the phone first determines who is in the conversation by using a decentralized network of autonomous body-worn sensor nodes. It then vibrates all participants' wireless finger rings. Although the(More)
By “everywhere messaging” we refer to the ability to send and receive electronic communication at any time and through a variety of means, including wired and wireless computer networks, voice telephones, and pagers. Our goal is to design messaging systems in which the receiver is always “on” and available, and messages are correctly chosen for unintrusive(More)
Interferon alpha-2a plays an essential role in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C, but it is limited in its efficacy by the short in vivo half-life. To improve the half-life and efficacy, interferon alpha-2a is conjugated with a 40-kDa branched polyethylene glycol moiety (PEG-IFN, PEGASYS). From this preparation the positional PEG-IFN isomers were(More)
Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) contributes to clinical efficacy of a broad range of antibody therapeutics. However, reproducible quantitation of ADCC activity on a cellular level remains highly challenging, as ADCC assays rely on primary effector cells associated with laborious cell purification procedures, resulting in highly(More)
We present DRIVE, an interaction method that allows a user to manipulate virtual content by reaching behind a mobile display device such as a cellphone, tablet PC, etc. Unlike prior work that uses front volume as well as front, side, and back surfaces, DRIVE utilizes the back volume of the device. Together with face tracking, out system creates the illusion(More)