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iii Acknowledgements This work would not have been possible without the support of many people. I am most indebted to Prof. Gaston Gonnet for his supervision. His competence in computer algebra systems provided an important back_ ground for me. I also want to thank Prof. Niklaus Wirth for acting as my co_ examiner. I have to admire his way of concentrating(More)
The increasing functional integrity of the organism during fetal maturation is connected with increasing complex internal coordination. We hypothesize that time scales of complexity and dynamics of heart rate patterns reflect the increasing inter-dependencies within the fetal organism during its prenatal development. We investigated multi-scale complexity,(More)
Decreasing feature sizes have led to an increased vulnerability of random logic to soft errors. A particle strike may cause a glitch or single event transient (SET) at the output of a gate, which in turn can propagate to a register and cause a single event upset (SEU) there. Circuit level modeling and analysis of SETs provides an attractive compromise(More)
11 On-line monitoring of properties built on regular expressions sequences 183 Katell Morin-Allory, Dominique Borrione 12 Observer-based verification using introspection 195 Abstract The verification of a design's adherence to its specification has been and still is a major problem within the EDA community. Multiple issues like completeness, consistency,(More)
Existing cryptographic file systems for Unix do not take into account that sensitive data must often be shared with other users, but still kept secret. By design, the only one who has access to the secret data is the person who encrypted it and therefore knows the encryption key or password. This paper presents a kernel driver for a new encrypted file(More)
We present an automatic acoustic classifier for marine mammals based on human speaker classification methods as an element of a passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) tool. This work is part of the Protection of Marine Mammals (PoMM) project under the framework of the European Defense Agency (EDA) and joined by the Research Department for Underwater Acoustics(More)
Within the European Defense Agency (EDA), the Protection of Marine Mammals (PoMM) project, a comprehensive common marine mammal database essential for risk mitigation tools, was established. The database, built on an extensive dataset collection with the focus on areas of operational interest for European navies, consists of annual and seasonal distribution(More)
We present results of the SIRENA 2011 research cruises conducted by the NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC) and joined by the Research Department for Underwater Acoustics and Geophysics (FWG), Bundeswehr Technical Centre (WTD 71) and the Universities of Kiel and Pavia. The cruises were carried out in the Ligurian Sea. The main aim of the FWG was to test(More)