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Quantum focusing conjecture
We propose a universal inequality that unies the Bousso bound with the classical focussing theorem. Given a surface that need not lie on a horizon, we dene a nite generalized entropy Sgen as the area
Proof of the Quantum Null Energy Condition
We prove the quantum null energy condition (QNEC), a lower bound on the stress tensor in terms of the second variation in a null direction of the entropy of a region. The QNEC arose previously as a
Disrupting Entanglement of Black Holes
We study entanglement in thermofield double states of strongly coupled conformal field theories by analyzing two-sided Reissner-Nordstrom solutions in anti–de Sitter space. The central object of
Consistent effective theory of long-wavelength cosmological perturbations
Effective field theory provides a perturbative framework to study the evolution of cosmological large-scale structure. We investigate the underpinnings of this approach, and suggest new ways to
TensorNetwork for Machine Learning
The encoding of image data into a matrix product state form is explained in detail, and how to contract the network in a way that is parallelizable and well-suited to automatic gradients for optimization is described.
Holographic Proof of the Quantum Null Energy Condition
We use holography to prove the quantum null energy condition (QNEC) at leading order in large N for CFTs and relevant deformations of CFTs in Minkowski space which have Einstein gravity duals. Given
TensorNetwork: A Library for Physics and Machine Learning
The use of the TensorNetwork API is demonstrated with applications both physics and machine learning, with details appearing in companion papers.
Quantum Hamiltonian-Based Models and the Variational Quantum Thermalizer Algorithm
This work introduces a new class of generative quantum-neural-network-based models called Quantum Hamiltonian-Based Models (QHBMs), and introduces the Variational Quantum Thermalizer (VQT) for generating the thermal state of a given Hamiltonian and target temperature.
Quantum Graph Neural Networks
QGNNs are introduced, a new class of quantum neural network ansatze which are tailored to represent quantum processes which have a graph structure, and are particularly suitable to be executed on distributed quantum systems over a quantum network.
Null Geodesics, Local CFT Operators and AdS/CFT for Subregions
We investigate the nature of the AdS/CFT duality between a subregion of the bulk and its boundary. In global AdS/CFT in the classical G_N=0 limit, the duality reduces to a boundary value problem that