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WT1 is a tumor suppressor gene with a key role in urogenital development and the pathogenesis of Wilms' tumor. Two alternative splice sites in the WT1 transcript allow the gene to encode four proteins. These carry four Krüppel-type zinc fingers and to date have primarily been implicated in transcriptional control of genes involved in growth regulation.(More)
To my mother Kerstin iii iv Abstract This thesis considers a robust gain scheduling controller deign method. The gain scheduling technique is one of the most popular controller design methods in practice. However, there is a lack of theoretical results relating stability and performance to the closed loop. Here, so called parameter varying systems (LPV) are(More)
The Boston Consulting Group is a general management consulting firm that is a global leader in business strategy. BCG has helped companies in every major industry and market achieve a competitive advantage by developing and implementing winning strategies. Founded in 1963, the firm now operates 58 offices in 36 countries. For further information, please(More)
This paper presents a simulator study that evaluates four auditory displays to assist commercial drivers in lane changing situations. More specifically, the displays warned the drivers about vehicles in the adjacent lane. Three displays utilized different variants of graded auditory warnings (early and late signals) while one display contained a(More)
Due to the insecurity of the supply of raw materials needed for neodymium-iron-boron magnets, typically used in permanent magnet generators, the use of ferrite magnets as an alternative was investigated. The investigation was conducted by attempting to redesign a generator that previously used neodymium-iron-boron magnets for use with ferrite magnets. The(More)