Stefan Lachowicz

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(2006). Joint optimization in capacity design of networks with p-cycle using the fundamental cycle set. Abstract— We propose a joint optimization model for capacity design of networks with p-cycles. The model is based on a modified definition of network fundamental cycles and the available straddling links. Concepts about visible and hidden straddling(More)
The paper presents a novel method of evaluating the square root function in FPGA. The method uses a linear approximation subsystem with a reduced size of a look-up table. The reduction in the size of the lookup table is twofold. Firstly, a simple linear approximation subsystem uses the lookup table only for the node points. Secondly, a concept of a variable(More)
A novel Smart Pixel Opto-VLSI architecture to implement a complete 2-D wavelet transform of real-time captured images is presented. The Smart Pixel architecture enables the realization of a highly parallel, compact, low power device capable of real-time capture, compression, decompression and display of images suitable for Mobile Multimedia Communication(More)
This paper presents a survey of low-power digital Gal-lium Arsenide logic applicable to high performance VLSI circuits and systems and proposes new design concepts in methodology and architecture based on implementation of Pseudo-Dynamic Latched Logic in order to achieve reasonable power-delay-area tradeoff The approach is highly suitable for self-timed(More)
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