Stefan L. Hahn

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The paper compares the features of three extensions of the notion of the Gabor’s analytic signal for 2-D signals: the analytic signals with single-quadrant spectra (AS), the quaternionic signals with quaternionic single-quadrant spectra (QS) and the monogenic signals (MS). A good platform of comparison are the polar representations of the AS and the QS and(More)
The paper presents new notions of Wigner distributions and corresponding ambiguity functions defined by quaternionic Fourier transforms of correlation products of recently defined quaternionic and monogenic two-dimensional (2-D) signals. The properties of new defined Wigner distributions are compared with Wigner distributions of 2-D analytic signals with(More)
The paper is devoted to the polar representation of n-D complex and hypercomplex analytic signals with emphasis on the 3-dimensional (3-D) case. Their definition is based on the proposed general form of the Cauchy integral. The definitions of complex/hypercomplex signals are presented in signaland frequency domains. The new notion of lower rank signals is(More)
Abstract: The paper presents a study of properties of ensemble averages of Wigner time-frequency distributions (WDs) of random processes defined by statistically independent samples of stationary and nonstationary Gaussian noise and of radio-frequency telecommunication signals. We used samples of PSK and FSK signals transmitting random telegraph signals.(More)
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