Stefan Kufer

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We introduce a method for the bottom-up assembly of biomolecular structures that combines the precision of the atomic force microscope (AFM) with the selectivity of DNA hybridization. Functional units coupled to DNA oligomers were picked up from a depot area by means of a complementary DNA strand bound to an AFM tip. These units were transferred to and(More)
Bottom-up assembly at the level of individual molecules requires a combination of utmost spatial precision and efficient monitoring. We have previously shown how to 'cut-and-paste' single molecules, and other groups have demonstrated that it is possible to beat the diffraction limit in optical microscopy. Here we show that a combination of single-molecule(More)
Self-assembly guided by molecular recognition has in the past been employed to assemble nanoparticle superstructures like hypercrystals or nanoparticle molecules. An alternative approach, the direct molecule-by-molecule assembly of nanoscale superstructures, was demonstrated recently. Here we present a hybrid approach where we first assemble a pattern of(More)
Location nowadays is an important aspect of the Web. One scenario in this respect are archives or collections of geo-tagged media items. More concretely, we can think of collections in the arts and humanities available via OAI-PMH (a protocol for metadata harvesting) on the web or web accessible personal media archives maintained in a peer-to-peer manner.(More)
A genetically modified form of the human DNA repair protein O6-alkylguanine-DNA-alkyltransferase (hAGT) was used to immobilize different recombinant hAGT fusion proteins covalently and selectively on gold and glass surfaces. Fusion proteins of hAGT with Glutathione S-Transferase and with tandem repeats of Titin Ig-domains, were produced and anchored via(More)
Summarization is an important means to cope with the challenges of big data. Summaries can help to achieve a first overview, they can be used to characterize subsets, they allow for the targeted access to data, and they build the basis for visualization techniques. In the present article, we point out the role of summaries as well as potential application(More)
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