Stefan Kotowski

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PURPOSE To determine the scope and use of virtual reality (VR) applications in the gait rehabilitation field and to review and characterise VR approaches for application in amputee rehabilitation. METHOD A state-of-the-art research analysis was completed to review different approaches of VR to the gait rehabilitation field. Systematic research using(More)
The simple genetic algorithm (SGA) and its convergence analysis are main subjects of the article. A particular SGA is defined on a finite multi-set of individuals (chromosomes) together with mutation and proportional selection operators, each of which with some prescribed probability. The selection operation acts on the basis of the fitness function defined(More)
Some tools to measure convergence properties of genetic algorithms are introduced. A classification procedure is proposed for genetic algorithms based on a conjecture: the entropy and the fractal dimension of trajectories produced by them are quantities that characterize the classes of the algorithms. The role of these quantities as invariants of the(More)
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