Stefan Kammermeier

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OBJECTIVE Loud acoustic stimuli at 500Hz activate the vestibular system. Intermediate-latency vestibular cortical potentials of multimodal cortex regions were investigated, beyond the 20ms time range. METHODS Eighteen healthy subjects with 32-channel EEG and one epilepsy patient with right-sided intracortical electrodes received three types of stimuli:(More)
Deep brain stimulation of the internal globus pallidus (GPi) is a major treatment for advanced Parkinson's disease. The effects of this intervention on electrical activity patterns in targets of GPi output, specifically in the thalamus, are poorly understood. The experiments described here examined these effects using electrophysiological recordings in two(More)
Cerebellar dysfunction results in ataxia including postural deficits. Evidence from animal experiments suggests convergence of vestibular and neck-position related inputs in cerebellar midline structures. We investigated 20 ambulatory patients with cerebellar disease for disturbed postural control using posturography during static lateral head turns.(More)
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