Stefan Kallweit

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The associate production of Higgs bosons with W or Z bosons, known as Higgs-strahlung, is an important search channel for Higgs bosons at the hadron colliders Tevatron and LHC for low Higgs-boson masses. We refine a previous calculation of next-to-leading-order electroweak corrections (and recalculate the QCD corrections) upon including the leptonic decay(More)
Charged gauge boson pair production at the Large Hadron Collider allows detailed probes of the fundamental structure of electroweak interactions. We present precise theoretical predictions for on-shell W+ W- production that include, for the first time, QCD effects up to next to next to leading order in perturbation theory. As compared to next to leading(More)
We briefly report on the inclusion of NLO QCD and electroweak corrections to the Higgsstrahlung processes pp/pp̄ → HW/Z → H+ 2leptons in the Monte Carlo program HAWK†. The electroweak corrections, which are at the level of −(5−10)% for total cross sections, further increase in size with increasing transverse momenta (pT) in differential cross sections. For(More)
We report on the calculation of the next-to-leading-order QCD corrections to the production of W-boson pairs in association with a hard jet at the Fermilab Tevatron and CERN Large Hadron Collider, which is an important source of background for Higgs boson and new-physics searches. The corrections stabilize the leading-order prediction for the cross section(More)
Top-antitop quark pairs belong to the most abundantly produced and precisely measurable heavy-particle signatures at hadron colliders and allow for crucial tests of the standard model and new physics searches. Here we report on the calculation of the next-to-leading order (NLO) QCD corrections to hadronic W(+)W(-)bb production, which provides a complete NLO(More)
Convenors: Z. Bern1, S. Dittmaier2, L. Dixon3, G. Heinrich4, J. Huston5, B. Kersevan6,7, Z. Kunszt8, D.E. Soper9,10 Contributing authors: Z. Bern1, C. Bernicot11, T. Binoth12, F. Boudjema11, R. Britto13, J. Campbell14, M. Czakon15, A. Denner16, G. Dissertori8, S. Dittmaier2, L. Dixon3, G. Duplančić17 , R.K. Ellis18, R. Frederix19, T. Gehrmann20, A.(More)
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