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We are developing a blocking resistant, practical and usable system for anonymous web surfing. This means, the system tries to provide as much reachability and availability as possible, even to users in countries where the free flow of information is legally, organizationally and physically restricted. The proposed solution is an add-on to existing(More)
After almost two decades of research on anonymous network communication the development has forked into two main directions, namely Mix cascades and peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. As these design options have implications on the achievable anonymity and performance, this paper aims to elaborate the advantages and disadvantages of either concept. After(More)
Based on the private message service described in [4] we show efficiency improvements of that private message service in the computational setting. Regarding an attacker which may control all but one of the queried servers we describe a private message service with a total communication complexity of blinded read between client and private message service(More)