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The small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) pattern of the homotetrameric asparaginase II from Escherichia coli was measured in solution in conditions resembling those in which its crystal form was obtained and compared with that calculated from the crystallographic model. The radius of gyration measured by SAXS is about 5% larger and the maximum dimension in(More)
Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DW MRI) was applied to the lyotropic lamellar phase of the dodecylammonium chloride/water system (DDACl/H(2)O). In the course of employing a well-known medical imaging method, namely, diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), the system morphology was assessed accurately in the most straightforward way by two-dimensional(More)
2010, The phase structure and molecular dynamics in poly(styrene-b-isoprene) diblock copolymer, Journal of 2010, Dynamic mechanical study of molecular dynamics in ethylene–norbornene copolymers, Polymer, Monika 2009, Crystal structure, electric field gradient, and electronic charge densities in ReB 2 : A single crystal x-ray, 11
We present a 3D model of the four transmembrane (TM) helical regions of bilitranslocase (BTL), a structurally uncharacterized protein that transports organic anions across the cell membrane. The model was computed by considering helix-helix interactions as primary constraints, using Monte Carlo simulations. The interactions between the TM2 and TM3 segments(More)
We describe one possible approach for the development of generatioa-after-next microsystems that will have on-the-fly sensing and processing adaptivity. These microsystems should be viewed as the lowest level in a multi-tiered network. ldeas for the design, manufacture and integration of these microsystems borrow heavily from several evolving fields,(More)
Tortuosity, 1/alpha, and surface-to-volume ratio, S/V, were determined in aqueous solutions of decylammonium, dodecylammonium and tetradecylammonium chlorides of various concentrations by measuring the apparent diffusion coefficient of water, D(app)(delta). This was found to be much smaller than in the bulk state. Such restricted diffusion is interpreted in(More)
Previous studies on preferences of phoretic deutonymphs of Uropodina for attachment sites have shown that they frequently select smooth and hydrophobic surfaces. The aim of our study was to provide the detailed morphological and topographical characteristics of beetle body surfaces to which deutonymphs frequently attach and to verify how the presence of(More)
The capability of a phthalocyanine-based voltammetric electronic tongue to analyze strong alcoholic beverages has been evaluated and compared with the performance of spectroscopic techniques coupled to chemometrics. Nalewka Polish liqueurs prepared from five apple varieties have been used as a model of strong liqueurs. Principal Component Analysis has(More)
A series of 14 mesoporous titania materials has been synthesized using the simple alcothermal template-free method and various alcohols, such as methanol, propanols and butanols, as solvents. All materials were characterized by both wide and small angle XRD, which exhibited the anatase phase with short-range ordered mesoporous structure that is still(More)
A study concerning the image quality in electron paramagnetic resonance imaging in two-dimensional spatial experiments is presented. The aim of the measurements was to improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the projections and the reconstructed image by applying modulation amplitude higher than the radical electron paramagnetic resonance linewidth. Data(More)
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