Stefan J Samulewicz

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BACKGROUND SPARC is a matricellular protein involved in cell-matrix interactions. From expression patterns at the wound site and in vitro studies, SPARC has been implicated in the control of wound healing. Here we examined the function of SPARC in cutaneous wound healing using SPARC-null mice and dermal fibroblasts derived from them. RESULTS In large (25(More)
The apolipoprotein E (ApoE) gene has been linked to maladies such as hypercholesterolemia, CNS injury and disease. In this study, we present evidence that, in addition to the known transcript (ApoE S1) that translates into ApoE, there are three additional transcripts in mice. Two of these transcripts, ApoE S2 and ApoE S3, which are predicted to be(More)
The SPARC gene 5'flanking sequence has been shown to contain enhancer elements, but also negative control elements immediately upstream of the enhancer elements. Although these 5'enhancer elements are active in F9 and PYS-2 cells, their activities are nullified by the 5'repressor activity. In the present study we have identified within intron 1 between(More)
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