Stefan Jörgens

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The crystal structure of the title salt, C(3)H(11)NOP(+)·Cl(-), is primarily built from centrosymmetric dimers of two cations, connected head-to-tail by two charge-supported strong N-H⋯O hydrogen bonds, with a graph-set descriptor R(2) (2)(10). The chloride counter-anions connect these dimeric cationic units into chains along the a-axis direction.
The new telluride BaP(4)Te(2) was synthesized in form of gleaming black needles by heating stochiometric mixtures of the elements to 475 degrees C for 100 h. The crystal structure was determined by single-crystal Xray methods. BaP(4)Te(2) crystallizes orthorhombically, space group Pnma with a=16.486(8), b=6.484(2), c=7.076(4) A, and Z=4. A main feature of(More)
Colourless single crystals of KBaPS4 (a = 11.587(2), b = 6.700(1), c = 10.118(2) Å), and pale orange ones of KBaPSe4 (a = 11.972(2), b = 6.973(1), c = 10.388(2) Å) were obtained by reactions of Ba3(PS4)2 and Ba3(PSe4)2, respectively, with KCl (790 ◦C; 30 h). The isotypic compounds crystallize with a slightly modified TlEuPS4 type structure (Pnma, Z = 4);(More)
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