Stefan Hunger

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Amending poultry litter (PL) with aluminum sulfate (alum) has proven to be effective in reducing water-soluble phosphorus (P) in the litter and in runoff from fields that have received PL applications; it has therefore been suggested as a best management practice. Although its effectiveness has been demonstrated on a macroscopic scale in the field, little(More)
The formation of pyrite (FeS2) from iron monosulfide precursors in anoxic sediments has been suggested to proceed via mackinawite (FeS) and greigite (Fe3S4). Despite decades of research, the mechanisms of pyrite formation are not sufficiently understood because solid and dissolved intermediates are oxygen-sensitive and poorly crystalline and therefore(More)
Previous studies of Antarctic mosses employing RAPDs have reported extraordinarily high levels of genetic variation, even within a single clump of moss. This is unexpected given their extreme isolation in Antarctica and lack of sexual reproduction. We offer an alternative explanation: that unusually elevated levels of genetic variability are artefacts from(More)
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