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Escherichia coli Induces DNA Double-Strand Breaks in Eukaryotic Cells
Discovery of hybrid peptide-polyketide genotoxins in E. coli will change the view on pathogenesis and commensalism and open new biotechnological applications. Expand
Genetic Structure and Distribution of the Colibactin Genomic Island among Members of the Family Enterobacteriaceae
The detection of the colibactin genes associated with an ICE-like element in several enterobacteria provides new insights into the spread of this gene cluster and its putative mode of transfer. Expand
The Efficiency of Unfunded Pension Schemes
The article demonstrates that it is possible to convert a pay-as-you-go pension scheme into a capital reserve pension scheme in a Pareto-improving fashion and in finite time.
Interest and Growth in an Economy with Land
Dynamic inefficiency means that, in a growing economy, some generations can be made better off without making others worse off. In the following article, the author shows that dynamic inefficiency isExpand
Identification of large linear plasmids in Arthrobacter spp. encoding the degradation of quinaldine to anthranilate.
Arthrobacter nitroguajacolicus Rü61a, which utilizes quinaldine as sole source of carbon and energy, was shown to contain a conjugative linear plasmid of approximately 110 kb, named pAL1. It exhibitsExpand
Critical remarks on Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-first Century
This article discusses the central macroeconomic claims that are made in Thomas Piketty’s book Capital in the Twenty-first Century. The article aims to show that Piketty’s contentions are not onlyExpand
Harmonizing public debt and public pension schemes in the European community
We analyze the problem of harmonizing public debt and public pension schemes in a multi-jurisdictional setting. Our main findings are that harmonization seems to be necessary on efficiency grounds ifExpand
Overaccumulation, Public Debt and the Importance of Land
Abstract In recent contributions, von Weizsäcker (2014) and Summers (2014) maintain that mature economies accumulate too much capital. They suggest large and lasting public deficits as a remedy. ThisExpand
Property taxes and dynamic efficiency: A correction
According to Kim and Lee (1997), property taxes as opposed to capital gain taxes and taxes on rent endanger dynamic efficiency. The present paper shows that the choice of the tax base is immaterial.Expand
Expression analysis of the colibactin gene cluster coding for a novel polyketide in Escherichia coli.
The operon structure of the colibactin gene cluster of E. coli strain Nissle 1917 was investigated by means of reverse transcriptase (RT)-PCR and seven transcripts were found of which four are transcribed polycistronically, indicating an influence of the carbon source on clb gene expression. Expand