Stefan Hoehme

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UNLABELLED CellSys is a modular software tool for efficient off-lattice simulation of growth and organization processes in multi-cellular systems in 2D and 3D. It implements an agent-based model that approximates cells as isotropic, elastic and adhesive objects. Cell migration is modeled by an equation of motion for each cell. The software includes many(More)
MOTIVATION TiQuant is a modular software tool for efficient quantification of biological tissues based on volume data obtained by biomedical image modalities. It includes a number of versatile image and volume processing chains tailored to the analysis of different tissue types which have been experimentally verified. TiQuant implements a novel method for(More)
The prognosis of cancer patients suffering from solid tumors significantly depends on the developmental stage of the tumor. For cervix carcinoma the prognosis is better for compact shapes than for diffusive shapes since the latter may already indicate invasion, the stage in tumor progression that precedes the formation of metastases. In this paper, we(More)
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