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In the event of a hip dislocation following THA analysis of its mechanism is the main priority. In addition, the time since the operation and the direction of the dislocation need to be taken into account. When the cause of the dislocation is analysed the formation of the neocapsule plays a part at least in the case of early dislocations (within the first 6(More)
In breast cancer, about 35% of patients without any clinical signs of overt distant metastases already have disseminated tumor cells in bone marrow aspirates at the time of primary therapy. A significant prognostic impact of these disseminated tumor cells has been shown by many international studies: patients with tumor cells in their bone marrow have a(More)
The urokinase-type plasminogen activation system, including the serine protease uPA (urokinase-type plasminogen activator) and its cell surface receptor (uPAR, CD87), are important key molecules in tumor invasion and metastasis. Besides its proteolytic function, binding of uPA to uPAR on tumor cells exerts various cell responses such as migration, adhesion,(More)
Bei einer Luxation nach einer Hüftgelenktotalendoprothesen- (HTEP-)Implantation hat die Analyse des Luxationsmechanismus die höchste Priorität. Ergänzend müssen der Operationszeitpunkt und die Stellung der Luxation berücksichtigt werden. Bei der Ursachenanalyse spielt die Bildung der Neokapsel zumindest bei Frühluxationen innerhalb der ersten 6(More)
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