Stefan Hinterwimmer

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It is currently unknown in which ways activity of the ab- and adductor shoulder muscles affects shoulder biomechanics (scapular kinematics and glenohumeral translation), and whether these changes are relevant for alterations of the subacromial space width. The objective of this experimental in vivo study was thus to test the hypotheses that potential(More)
We provide a unified treatment of indicative and biscuit conditionals on the basis of their status as sentence topics. We show syntactic similarities of the two types of conditionals to two variants of topicality. By extending the approach of topic interpretation of Endriss (to appear) and combining it with the approach to conditionals of Schlenker (2004),(More)
1. Introduction In this paper we discuss the two German specificity markers bestimmt and gewiss. Both markers share a tendency to indicate wide scope of the modified DP and to require identifiability of a certain kind. In these respects they correspond to specificity markers in other languages such as certain in English and French or koe-wh in Russian,(More)
Although a number of approaches have attempted to model knee kinematics, rarely have they been validated against in vivo data in a larger subject cohort. Here, we assess the feasibility of four-bar linkage mechanisms in addressing knee kinematics and propose a new approach that is capable of accounting for lengthening characteristics of the ligaments,(More)
OBJECTIVE Ex vivo studies have suggested that cartilage contact areas and pressure are of high clinical relevance in the etiology of osteoarthritis in patients with patellar subluxation. The aims of this study were therefore to validate in vivo measurements of contact areas with 3D open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and to study knee joint contact areas(More)
BACKGROUND Age-dependent trabecular changes of the humeral head might weaken the fixation of suture anchors used for rotator cuff (RC) repair. This might lead to suture anchor loosening and thus compromise the integrity of the repair. The aim of this study was to analyze whether the trabecular microstructure within the RC footprint is influenced by age,(More)
We closely investigate two specificity markers in German, namely bestimmt and gewiss by discussing their commonalities and differences wrt. matters of identification and scope-taking properties in connection with negation, nominal quantifiers, conditionals and intensional operators. Eventually we propose to analyze both markers as uniformly contributing the(More)
In this paper we explain the variation in availability of (exceptionally wide) intermediate scope readings (ISRs). We argue that ISRs have to be kept apart from functional readings and provide a formal analysis of ISRs. Our approach is based on the assumption that exceptional wide scope readings are the effect of interpreting the involved indefinite as(More)