Stefan Herget

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The EUROCarbDB project is a design study for a technical framework, which provides sophisticated, freely accessible, open-source informatics tools and databases to support glycobiology and glycomic research. EUROCarbDB is a relational database containing glycan structures, their biological context and, when available, primary and interpreted analytical data(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Obesity is a risk factor for postoperative complications in surgery. In a retrospective study we investigated the course of body weight during the waiting period and the first postoperative year and the influence of obesity on graft function. PATIENTS AND METHOD The medical records of 334 adult patients undergoing cadaveric kidney(More)
Tacrolimus is a recently developed immunosuppressive agent, based on a mechanism similar to cyclosporin. A broad variety of trials has provided evidence for its efficacy in human liver transplantation. In these trials, the incidence of acute rejection was markedly reduced. The following article reviews recent knowledge regarding clinical and experimental(More)
Follow-up of 9 renal transplant recipients who were converted from cyclosporin A to tacrolimus (FK506) as recue therapy for intractable rejection is described. All patients initially received a cyclosporin A based immunosuppression. They developed biopsy proven acute rejections 22 +/- 11 days after transplantation which did not resolve by i.v. steroids and(More)
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