Stefan Heidl

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PURPOSE Early metastasis in node-negative breast cancer indicates that breast cancer cells obviously can bypass the lymph nodes and disseminate directly hematogenous to distant organs. For this purpose, we evaluated the prognostic value of blood-borne, HER2-positive circulating tumor cells (CTC) in the peripheral blood from 42 breast cancer patients with a(More)
The detection of blood-borne prostate cancer (PCA) cells may help with clinical staging and the further understanding of PCA metastases. We discovered prostate-specific antigen (PSA)-positive stained but not PSA mRNA-expressing blood cells by means of cell sorting and PSA reverse transcription-PCR in patients. Therefore, we developed a cytokeratin(More)
Clinical studies including thousands of breast cancer patients have shown that c-erbB-2 is amplified and overexpressed in 20-30% of invasive human breast cancers and that it is associated with distant metastasis in specified patient subgroups. To isolate and characterize hematogeneously spreading c-erbB-2-positive epithelium-derived cells from the(More)
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