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Dynamic Programming (DP) is a popular and efficient method for calculating disparity maps from stereo images. It allows for meeting real-time constraints even on low-cost hardware. Therefore, it is frequently used in real-world applications, although more accurate algorithms exist. We present a refined DP stereo processing algorithm which is based on a(More)
The diagnosis, work-up, and treatment of sudden sensorineural hearing loss and sudden vestibular loss vary widely between units. With the increasing access to both magnetic resonance imaging and objective vestibular testing, our understanding of the various aetiologies at hand is increasing. Despite this, the therapeutic options are limited and without a(More)
According to Alexander's law (AL), the slow phase velocity of nystagmus of vestibular origin is dependent on horizontal position, with lower velocity when gaze is directed in the slow compared with the fast phase direction. Adaptive changes in the velocity-to-position neural integrator are thought to cause AL. Although these changes have been described for(More)
BACKGROUND Dizziness adversely affects an individual's well-being. However, its impact is not only influenced by its physical manifestations, but also by its subjective importance to the patient. Appropriately assessing the subjective burden of dizziness is difficult. The Pictorial-Representation of Illness- and Self-Measure (PRISM), on which patients(More)
We present the unique case of a patient with a circumscribed solitary cerebral metastasis of a malignant melanoma extending from the medial part of the superior temporal gyrus to the lower part of the 1st long insular gyrus causing gait and stance instability and an ipsiversive tilt of the subjective visual vertical. Oculomotor disorders could not be(More)
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