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Ontologies play an important role in defining the terminology that agents use in the exchange of knowledge-level messages. As object-oriented modelling, and the Unified Modeling Language (UML) in particular, have built up a huge following in the field of software engineering and are widely supported by robust commercial tools, the use of UML for ontology(More)
As long as there is not a sufficient base of RDF-annotated pages, the benefits of participating in the Semantic Web are barely visible. This is true in particular for content providers like individuals or small institutions. These potential participants can't afford the additional work necessary for the Semantic Web, yet they're needed for the Semantic Web(More)
Although RDF is considered the Semantic Web language, it may not be the only one. SOAP serialisation provides several advantages, especially if the Semantic Web is not just about providing meta data for existing web pages, but also about exchange of content that is machine-readable in the rst place. This paper discusses some problems with the RDF syntax and(More)
A large part of software development these days deals with building so-called Web applications. Many of these applications are data-base-powered and exhibit a page layout and navigational structure that is close to the class structure of the entities being managed by the system. Also, there is often only limited application-specific business logic. This(More)
In spite of the growing number of KMS emanating from academia, only few of these systems seem to be actively used by their creators. We can only speculate about the reasons, but a lack of usability and support for real-life business processes is likely to be one of them. This paper presents the Infolayer, a KMS developed at the Artificial Intelligence unit(More)
Ontologies are important for providing a shared understanding of a domain for web mining agents and other agents accessing the gathered information. When the information access is decoupled from the mining process – for example when building a semantic web server – an additional storage compliant to the application ontology is needed. The COMRIS information(More)