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In two patients with damage to the inferior portion of the left angular gyrus severely defective imitation of meaningless gestures contrasted with preserved performance of meaningful gestures to verbal command and with preserved imitation of meaningful gestures. In one patient the imitation deficit was restricted to the imitation of hand positions while(More)
To understand geographic variation in travel-related illness acquired in distinct African regions, we used the GeoSentinel Surveillance Network database to analyze records for 16,893 ill travelers returning from Africa over a 14-year period. Travelers to northern Africa most commonly reported gastrointestinal illnesses and dog bites. Febrile illnesses were(More)
Objectives: The aim of the study was to understand more about pre-travel preparations and itineraries of business and occupational travelers. 61% were non-occupational and 39% occupational. Business travelers were more likely to be men, had short times to departure and shorter trip durations, and commonly refused influenza, meningococcal, and hepatitis B(More)
BACKGROUND International travellers are at risk of travel-related, vaccine-preventable diseases. More data are needed on the proportion of travellers who refuse vaccines during a pre-travel health consultation and their reasons for refusing vaccines. METHODS We analyzed data on travellers seen for a pre-travel health consultation from July 2012 through(More)
An increasing number of immunocompromised individuals are pursuing international travel, and a better understanding of their international travel patterns and pretravel health care is needed. We evaluated the clinical features, itineraries, and pretravel health care of 486 immunocompromised international travelers seen at Global TravEpiNet sites from(More)
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