Stefan Habenicht

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Lane change is a very demanding maneuver. Therefore, a maneuver-based lane change assistance system has been developed which, by means of a single-task-combining assistance concept, supports the driver from the driver's first lane change intention through the final movement of the vehicle from the initial to the target lane, without automatization of the(More)
The results of a fundamental study on developing a general criticality criterion for driving situations are presented. The meaning of criticality in driving situations is defined and the influencing parameters are analyzed. Furthermore, a maneuver-based lane change assistance system is presented and evaluated in subject tests. The outcomes of the general(More)
In the context of this article two systematic approaches are presented to answer the question, which scenarios are to be considered for evaluating and testing collision-avoidance-systems as well from the view of the system as of the view of the maneuvre. Furthermore, this paper provides an overview over the existing test methods and the non-testable areas.(More)
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