Stefan Hörmann

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This paper shows that in education and training systems LOM can be used to map the structure of courses. The necessary extension of the aggregation level is introduced. The description of the courses created with LOM allow for the reuse at all levels. Rhetoric didactic relations between the learning objects are also stored in the LOM records and support(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Electronic learning (e-learning) may provide a means to enhance learning efficacy. However, introduction of e-learning often fails. We describe a strategy of how an e-learning curriculum was successfully implemented. MATERIALS AND METHODS The curriculum was designed based on published evidence. It consists of self-directed(More)
This paper gives an overview of MediBook, a joint project of the Medical Department of University Gießen (Germany) and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Darmstadt University of Technology (Germany) funded by the Hessian Ministry for Science and Arts (HMWK). The goal of the project is the enhancement of education in(More)
Although research and practice has attributed considerable attention to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects their failure rate is still high. There are two main fields of research, which aim at increasing the success rate of ERP projects: Research on risk factors and research on success factors. Despite their topical relatedness, efforts to(More)
This paper aims at exploring differences in risk profiles across various types of IS projects. IS project managers face a variety of risks. Before taking appropriate countermeasures, the first step in successfully managing risks is to identify and prioritize them. While many researchers have investigated risks in IS projects in general, few take into(More)
Frequently, prior to surgery, patients are provided with information in order to meet legal and hospital requirements, but without taking their psychological needs into consideration. In order to learn how to improve this situation, the present study was performed. By means of a semi-structured interview including a newly constructed card system, that(More)
In this paper, we investigate the effects of four determinants of vendor profitability in enterprise resource planning (ERP) outsourcing projects under two contractual regimes: fixed price (FP) contracts and time and material (TM) contracts. We hypothesize that effect sizes are larger under FP contracts than under TM contracts. From a transaction cost(More)
Using unique archival data on 81 projects from a major ERP vendor, we study whether transaction characteristics are included in the vendor’s estimation of risk to project profitability. We hypothesize that project size, contract type, strategic importance, and client familiarity are included in the risk estimations. Regression analysis suggests that,(More)
Die Wiederverwendung existierender modularisierter Lernressourcen kann einen Beitrag zur Reduzierung der hohen Kosten für die Produktion von ELearning Content leisten. Authoring by Aggregation beschreibt den Autorenprozess mit dem sich neue Lerninhalte durch die Kombination von sowohl bereits bestehenden als auch neu erstellten Lernressourcen entwickeln(More)
Robot localization is one of the most common tasks in autonomous systems. Unlike most vision-based methods which perform localization from cameras mounted on the robot, we propose a system which uses an off-board camera to achieve localization. For this purpose, we use a similarity measure between a camera image and a synthetic image generated using a 3D(More)