Stefan Gudenkauf

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Within the BIS-Grid project, a BMBF-funded project in the context of the German D-Grid initiative, we developed the BIS-Grid workflow engine that is based upon service extensions to UNICORE 6 to use an arbitrary WS-BPEL workflow engine and standard WS-BPEL to orchestrate stateful, WSRF-based Grid services. Although aimed at proving the feasibility of(More)
Cloud computing is a concept for the provisioning of internet-based information technology services as a common supply, similar to water supply, electric power supply, and telecommunication services. Several conceptual frameworks to describe and characterize Cloud service offers exist. As they are developed by different groups and organizations, they differ(More)
The BIS-Grid project, as part of the German D-Grid initiative, investigates service orchestration using Grid service technologies to show how such technologies can be employed for information systems integration, especially when crossing enterprise boundaries. Small and medium enterprises will be enabled to integrate heterogeneous business information(More)
A continuous trend in computing is the demand for increasing computing performance. Provided that the problem space allows a solution that can be separated in parts to be computed independently, parallel systems offer a performance that exceeds that of sequential systems. To continue to improve processor performance, companies such as Intel and AMD have(More)
Factory Durch die Bereitstellung einer Schnittstelle, die die Erstellung 6 Hasselbring et al. von Symbolen beschreibt ohne eine konkrete Implementierung zu spezifizieren, und der zugehörigen implementierenden Klas-sen werden die Austauschbarkeit und die Konfigurierbarkeit der Symbolverwendung innerhalb des File Managers gewähr-leistet Factory Method Mit(More)
The demand for increasing performance is a continuous trend in computing. Today’s multi-core processors and future many-core processors require software developers to exploit concurrency in software as far as possible. To ease the task of developing concurrent software we present our Coordination-First approach and the coordination modelling language SCOPE(More)
In BIS-Grid, a BMBF-funded project in the context of the German D-Grid initiative (, we focus on employing Grid technologies for information systems integration. The goal is to enable small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to integrate heterogeneous business information systems and to use external Grid resources and services with(More)