Stefan Gorbey

Björn Lemmer2
Béla Horváth1
Franziska Dorn1
Christiane Maser-Gluth1
Barbara Leutgeb1
2Björn Lemmer
1Béla Horváth
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UNLABELLED The aim of the present study was to evaluate the development of the circadian rhythm of the salivary cortisol in premature infants and its correlation with the onset of the sleep-activity behavior pattern during the first 3 weeks of life under controlled light:dark conditions. Furthermore, we investigated the influence of acoustic stimulation by(More)
Telemetry systems enable researchers to continuously monitor physiological signals in unrestrained, freely moving small rodents. Drawbacks of common systems are limited operation time, the need to house the animals separately, and the necessity of a stable communication link. Furthermore, the costs of the typically proprietary telemetry systems reduce the(More)
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