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Predatory flatworms belonging to the taxon Kalyptorhynchia are characterized by an anterior muscular proboscis that they use to seize prey. In many cases, the proboscis is armed with hooks, derived either from the extracellular matrix that surrounds the muscles or from intracellular deposits in the epithelium covering the proboscis. Glands associated with(More)
A comprehensive overview is given of the representatives of the taxon Gallorhynchus Schockaert & Brunet, 1971: the two known species G. simplex and G. mediterraneus of Schockaert & Brunet, 1971, Syltorhynchus schockaerti Noldt, 1989, which is transferred to the taxon Gallorhynchus, and four new species, G. elegans n.sp., G. faroensis n.sp., G. genista n.sp.(More)
In this paper, an overview is given of the Schizorhynchia collected during the I International Workshop to Marine and Anchialine Meiofauna on the island of Lanzarote. Eight species previously unknown to science are described: Cheliplana curini n. sp., C. canariensis n. sp., C. sarnensis n. sp., Cheliplanilla cavavulcana n. sp., C. todaroi n. sp.,(More)
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