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Odour measurement via olfactometry is expensive and has a low accuracy compared with chemical or physical methods. In addition, olfactometry is not suited for online monitoring. Hence, an accurate online method for emission measurement would be an enormous improvement. There are several options to more or less replace the offline olfactometry by online(More)
There are different kinds of tumors in childhood: nephroblastoma, clear cell sarcoma, neuroblastoma etc. For diagnosis MRI (Magnetic resonance images) are used. Our research is the first mathematical approach on MRI (Magnetic resonance images) of renal tumors. We are using transversal, frontal and sagittal images and compare them in their potential for(More)
Models for financial asset dynamics usually take into account their inherent unpredictable nature by including a suitable stochastic component into their process. Unknown (forward) values of financial assets (at a given time in the future) are usually estimated as expectations of the stochastic asset under a suitable risk-neutral measure. This estimation(More)
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