Stefan Gheorghe Pentiuc

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One of the key challenges of the society development is related to public health and one of its specific targets includes better treatments of diseases. It is true that there are affections which by their nature do not endanger the life of a person, but they may have negative implications during his/her lifetime. Various language or speech disorders are(More)
Watching television is usually a shared experience allowing family or friends that share the same viewing interests to watch, comment and enjoy programs together. The interaction part however is at the opposite end being reduced to the traditional remote control which by itself proves very limited with respect to the sharing part: although the viewing(More)
In this paper we present our work about Computer Based Speech Therapy systems optimization. We focus especially in using a fuzzy expert system in order to determine specific parameters of personalized therapy i.e. number, length and content of training sessions. The efficiency of this new approach was tested during an experiment performed with our CBST,(More)
We present a gesture recognition method based on deformable shapes and curvature templates. Gestures are modeled using a spline representation that is enhanced with elastic properties: a gesture trajectory as a whole or any of its parts may stretch or bend. We regard such an approach as well-suited for dealing with the inherent variability of human gesture(More)
In this paper, we describe a fast and accurate method for hand posture recognition in video sequences using multiple video cameras. The technique we propose is based on the head detection, skin detection and human body proportions in order to recognize commands from real-time video sequences. Our technique is also a robust one in order to deal with changes(More)
Various speech disorders or language impairments can affect the whole life of a person. Discovered and treated in time, they can be corrected, most often in childhood. The use of information technology in order to assist and supervise speech disorder therapy allows specialists to collect a considerable volume of data about the personal or familial(More)
In this paper we will describe a device developed for children with speech disorders caused by bad pronunciation or even by bad hearing of certain phonemes. First, we will define speech fluency and speech fluency disorder. Speech fluency designates the easy and confidant construction of a phonic stream that is understandable to the receiver. Speech fluency(More)
We describe a numerical method for scale invariant detection of gesture patterns in continuous 2D motions. The algorithm is fast due to our rejection-based reasoning achieved using a new set of curvaturebased functions which we call Integral Absolute Curvatures. Detection rates above 96% are reported on a large data set consisting of 72,000 samples with(More)