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Throughfall volumes and incident rainfall were measured between 23 August and 2 December 2004 as well as from 6 January to 15 April 2005 for individual rain events of differing intensities and magnitudes in an open tropical rainforest in Rondônia, Brazil. Temporal patterns of through-fall spatial variability were examined. Estimated interception was(More)
Extracts of PELARGONIUM SIDOIDES, commonly known as EPs 7630, are produced by extraction of milled roots with 11 % (w/w) ethanol in water. This solvent leads to a spectrum of constituents which differs significantly from extracts obtained by extraction with non-polar solvents. EPs 7630 is composed of six main groups of constituents, namely unsubstituted and(More)
This study presents the imaging and characterization of low-current ion beams in the neutralized state monitored via single crystal YAG:Ce (Y3Al5O12) scintillators. To validate the presented beam diagnostic tool, Faraday cup measurements and test etchings were performed. Argon ions with a typical energy of 1.0 keV were emitted from an inductively coupled(More)
Investigation of the benzopyranones from the roots of PELARGONIUM SIDOIDES led to the identification of 15 benzopyranones, among them the novel compounds 12 and 14. Furthermore, benzopyranones 4 and 15 were detected in PELARGONIUM SIDOIDES for the first time. Structure determinations were performed by one- and two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy. An HPLC(More)
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