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In-plant milkrun systems are a transport concept for in-plant material delivery which is becoming more and more applicable especially in the automotive industry. This is due to the system characteristic of providing materials in small lot sizes and with high frequency. As there is a number of different milk run concepts applied and there are several(More)
Production supermarkets are a system to ensure high-frequency, demand-oriented, in-plant production supply with low lot sizes. The paper presents methods to design and dimension these systems using qualitative design criteria and quantitative approaches based on well-known analytical methods for conventional order picking systems. The methods help to design(More)
Planning a new logistics center is a quite difficult job. Depending on the requirements there are a great number of possible design versions. The planner has to consider not only the present but also the future requirements. Up to now, the planner decides on the basis of experience which system will perform the requested services best. This paper(More)
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