Stefan G. Hild

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Hyperlog is a declarative, graph-based language that supports database querying and update. It visualises schema information, data, and query output as sets of nested graphs, which can be stored, browsed and queried in a uniform way. Thus, the user need only be familiar with a very small set of syntactic constructs. Hyperlog queries consist of a set of(More)
We describe the implementation of Hyperlog , a graph-based declarative language which supports both queries and updates over a graph-based data model called the Hypernode Model . This model is capable of representing arbitrarily complex data structures by means of nested and recursively defined graphs , while the Hyperlog language is computationally(More)
The increasing use of computers to manage everyday business poses problems for workers when they are away from their home environment. There are two key problems: • How can a mobile worker share a limited part of their home environment with colleagues in a foreign environment while maintaining its security? • How can a mobile worker identify and interact(More)
Wireless communication links are expensive and slow, and are therefore a scarce resource. Their usage should be subject to special scrutiny, especially when used by general-purpose application programs. We present the services of the “Mobile Application Framework” which supports conventional applications while using these links in three aspects: first, by(More)
Computer technology today only provides modest support for mobile users: small and lightweight `Personal Digital Assistants' are available but are limited to proprietary user interfaces; in particular they lack adequate input facilities. Notebook computers feature standard keyboards but these limit miniaturisation and therefore mobility. Both PDAs and(More)
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