Stefan Güldenberg

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This paper examines how leadership influences organizational learning. Leadership always had a major impact on the learning capabilities of a corporation. In particular ‘leaders’ play a key role to facilitate and foster the process of innovation and organizational learning in knowledge-based organizations. Based on a conceptual framework and an empirical(More)
Utilizing a system-dynamic interpretation of the term leadership, we aim to identify the current challenges to companies from their environments, and to explain the consequences of these challenges for company design and control As well, we aim to develop a dynamic approach to leadership based on theories of system dynamics and living systems. The purpose(More)
Management in the industrial economy focused on increasing the productivity of single manual workers, because it was easy to determine individual contributions to tangible outputs. Hence carrot-and-stick motivational schemes did a good job in spurring individual work effort. Nowadays however, that motivational approach is outdated and counterproductive, due(More)
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