Stefan Görling

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The purpose of this thesis was to discuss a number of assumptions regarding the benefits of Open Source software projects. By studying what has been written about Open Source combined with a number of own data collections, this thesis argues that: • Brooks law is still valid in Open Source projects • Many Open Source projects are failures • Open Source(More)
PURPOSE Surgery of head and neck tumors and other tumors involving the carotid artery may demand complete sacrifice of the carotid as part of the necessary tumor therapy. Sacrifice of the carotid may result in permanent brain perfusion damage. This uncorrectable procedure has to be tested beforehand in order to exclude this possibility. MATERIALS AND(More)
Tailgut cysts are unusual benign cystic retrorectal malformations arising from persistent remnants of the postanal gut. Malignant transformation within this dysontogenetic lesion is very uncommon. We report the rare occurrence of a neuroendocrine tumor arising in a tailgut cyst with primary liver and lymph node metastases in a 55-year-old woman. The(More)
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