Stefan Friedl

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We study a twisted Alexander polynomial naturally associated to a hyperbolic knot in an integer homology 3-sphere via a lift of the holonomy representation to SL(2, C). It is an unambiguous symmetric Laurent polynomial whose coefficients lie in the trace field of the knot. It contains information about genus, fibering, and chirality, and moreover is(More)
We prove two results relating 3-manifold groups to fundamental groups occurring in complex geometry. Let N be a compact, connected, orientable 3-manifold. If N has non-empty, toroidal boundary, and π1(N) is a Kähler group, then N is the product of a torus with an interval. On the other hand, if N has either empty or toroidal boundary, and π1(N) is a(More)
We show that the following unlinking strategy does not always yield an optimal sequence of crossing changes: first split the link with the minimal number of crossing changes, and then unknot the resulting components. The unlinking number u(L) of a link L in S 3 is the minimal number of crossing changes required to turn a diagram of L into a diagram of the(More)
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