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The future telecommunications world will induce significant changes to the involved actors as well as to the quality and quantity of offered services. This article points out the determining factors, trends, and demands for infrastructure functionality of future service architecures and then motivates why an agent-based approach is adequate as underlying(More)
This diploma thesis deals with the simulation of cognitive processes of a simulated user who is embedded into a workbench for semi-automated usability evaluation. The behavior of the simulated user helps system engineers uncovering several usability problems of their modeled computer interfaces. A straight approach is impeded by the low output of the still(More)
This paper describes the agent framework JIAC IV, and the various projects it has been applied in. The projects were industry-funded as well as research-oriented. Our aim is to convey the particular requirements that followed from this link, and the consequences for the further development of the framework. We describe the projects and the impact that JIAC(More)
A novel compact and lightweight patient-mounted MRI-compatible robot has been designed for MRI image-guided interventions. This robot is intended to enable MRI-guided needle placement as done in shoulder arthrography. The robot could make needle placement more accurate and simplify the current workflow by converting the traditional two-stage arthrography(More)
Document search is often implemented by assigning a score to each document and then searching the documents with the highest scores. Sometimes, constraints are added to the search, such as searching documents with a maximal average age, or needing the resulting documents to be as diverse a possible. Several such constraints are formulated as a mixed integer(More)
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