Stefan Frick

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Highly efficient single-photon sources (SPS) can increase the secure key rate of quantum key distribution (QKD) systems compared to conventional attenuated laser systems. Here we report on a free space QKD test using an electrically driven quantum dot single-photon source (QD SPS) that does not require a separate laser setup for optical pumping and thus(More)
In 1991 and 1992 Common and Arctic Terns differed in chick-feeding and chick-rearing strategies. Arctic Terns favoured smaller prey, primarily crustaceans, for feeding their chicks than did Common Terns. Consequently, Arctic Tern feeding rates were higher. The influence of the tide on food parameters was greater in Arctic Terns. In both years breeding(More)
The steady growing number of quantum bits used in modern quantum information experiments gives rise to new problems. Especially if we want to determine the quantum state used in an experiment, i.e. ascertain the density matrix of the state, the number of needed measurement settings scales exponentially bad with Θ(4n), where n is the number of qubits.(More)
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