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Neurofeedback (NF) is a tool that has proven helpful in the treatment of various disorders such as epilepsy or attention deficit disorder (ADHD). Depending on the respective application, a high number of training sessions might be necessary before participants can voluntarily modulate the electroencephalographic (EEG) rhythms as instructed. In addition,(More)
Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) can exit the self-renewal programme, through the action of signalling molecules, at any given time and differentiate along the three germ layer lineages. We have systematically investigated the specific roles of three signalling pathways, TGFβ/SMAD2, BMP/SMAD1, and FGF/ERK, in promoting the transition of hESCs into the(More)
When modern partially and dynamically reconfigurable FPGAs are to be used as resources in hard real-time systems, the two dimensions area and time have to be considered in the focus of availability and deadlines. In particular, area requirements must be guaranteed for the tasks' duration. While execution environments that abstract the space demand of tasks(More)
In the past, the genetically diabetic-obese diabetes/diabetes (db/db) and obese/obese (ob/ob) mouse strains were used to investigate mechanisms of diabetes-impaired wound healing. Here we determined patterns of skin repair in genetically normal C57Bl/6J mice that were fed using a high fat diet (HFD) to induce a diabetes-obesity syndrome. Wound closure was(More)
BACKGROUND Expression and enzymatic activity of heme oxygenase (HO) has been implicated in the development, as well as in the resolution, of inflammatory conditions. Because inflammation is central to tissue repair, we investigated the presence and potential functions of HO in an excisional model of normal and diabetes-impaired wound repair in mice. (More)
This study investigated the relation between word surprisal and pupil dilation during reading. Participants' eye movements and pupil size were recorded while they read single sentences. Surprisal values for each word in the sentence stimuli were estimated by both a recurrent neural network and a phrase-structure grammar. Higher surprisal corresponded to(More)
In reconfigurable systems, the concept of caching configurations can be employed to reduce the reconfiguration overhead, as already loaded configurations can be reused. In case reconfigurable systems are resources for real-time systems, caching may even improve schedulability, as tasks can be executed immediately. The real-time reconfiguration port(More)