Stefan Feldmann

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Due to increasing functionality and use of software within mechatronic systems, their complexity increases. Quality and correctness of these systems' functionality must be ensured making an approach for requirements and test case management necessary. To provide a first step towards solving these challenges, this paper presents a modeling approach that(More)
Automated machines and plants are operated for some decades and undergo an everlasting evolution during this time. In this paper, we present three related open evolution challenges focusing on software evolution in the domain of automated production systems, i.e. evolution and co-evolution of (interdisciplinary) engineering models and code, quality(More)
The specific challenges for maintenance of software and its related hardware for the domain of automated Production Systems is discussed. Presenting four industrial case studies from renowned and world market leading German machine and plant manufacturing companies, these challenges and different solution approaches are introduced with a focus on software(More)
The systematic management of the various models in automated production systems engineering is a major challenge as, due to the multi-disciplinary nature, different stakeholders provide their potentially heterogeneous but partially overlapping descriptions of the system. This leads to the need of ensuring inter-model consistency by managing occurring(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to assess splenic perfusion in patients with spleen involvement in malignant hematologic diseases and liver cirrhosis and in controls without hepatosplenic disease using volume perfusion computed tomography. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between October 2009 and December 2011, 14 hematologic patients with known(More)
Information and automated production systems are long-living, evolvable systems. Consequently, modifications are performed to correct, improve or adapt the respective system. We introduce different approaches to analyze maintainability of software-intensive systems and propose two different case studies from the information and from the automated production(More)
The increasing demand for adaptive and flexible machines and plants raises the need for components and systems that can be dynamically reconfigured. Therefore, production facilities are especially needed to allow for connecting or disconnecting machine modules at runtime to allow for flexible production orders and varying product types. Many highly(More)